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  1. CSR Conversation Note Targeted solutions to combat the lecturer shortage

    This conversation note contains a package of coherent solution directions to reduce the teacher shortage.

    Advisory document | 30-08-2019

  2. CSR Annual Report 2018

    In the CSR annual report you can read all about the main activities of the Cyber ​​Security Council (CSR) in 2018.

    Annual report | 01-04-2019

  3. Cybersecurity Health Check

    This is the Cybersecurity Health Check - a tool that allows you to gain an insight into cybersecurity within your organisation. ...

    Cybersecurity guide | 11-09-2018

  4. CSR Magazine - Year 4, No 1, September 2018

    Every year the Cyber Security Council (CSR) publishes the CSR Magazine on strategic cybersecurity topics.

    Magazine | 01-09-2018

  5. CSR advice letter concerning the abolition of enrolment restrictions

    By issuing this letter, the Cyber Security Council (CSR) is sounding the alarm on an urgent issue: a number of universities have ...

    Advisory document | 26-07-2018

  6. CSR Advisory document ‘Towards an open, secure and prosperous digital Netherlands’ – CSR Advisory document 2018, No. 1

    The advice of the Cyber ​​Security Council (CSR) contains recommendations for the Dutch Cyber ​​Security Agenda (NCSA) for the ...

    Advisory document | 25-06-2018

  7. CSR Multiannual strategy 2018-2021

    The CSR Multi-Year Strategy 2018-2021 contains four strategic themes that the Cyber Security Council (CSR) will be working on ...

    Annual plan | 01-04-2018

  8. CSR Work Programme 2018-2019

    In addition to the multi-year strategy, the Cyber Security Council (CSR) publishes a biennial work programme in which the ...

    Annual plan | 01-04-2018

  9. CSR Annual Report 2017

    In the CSR annual report you can read all about the main activities of the Cyber ​​Security Council (CSR) in 2017.

    Annual report | 01-04-2018

  10. CSR Advisory document ‘Towards a safe, connected, digital society’ – CSR Advisory document 2017, No. 3

    The technical and economic opportunities presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) go hand in hand with digital threats to ...

    Advisory document | 01-12-2017