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CSR Advisory document ‘Towards the structural deployment of innovative applications of new technologies to enhance the digital resilience of the Netherlands’ – CSR Advisory document 2020, No. 5

Knowledge about the development and application possibilities of new technologies is fragmented in our country and continues to ...

Advisory document | 18-09-2020

Council member Ineke Dezentjé Hamming on the CSR Advice on the Cabinet's response to the WRR report and a short Citrix evaluation

Video interview with CSR council member Ineke Dezentjé Hamming about the CSR Advice on government response to WRR report and ...

Video | 17-09-2020

CSR Recommendation Letter concerning response to WRR report and Citrix evaluation - CSR Advisory document 2020, No. 4

The reason for this advice is the policy response of the Minister of Justice and Security to the House of Representatives about ...

Advisory document | 11-09-2020

Council member Claudia de Andrade-de Wit on the importance of cyber-resilient IACS

Video interview with CSR council member Claudia de Andrade-de Wit on the importance of cyber-resilient IACS.

Video | 27-08-2020

CSR Work Programme 2020-2021

In addition to the multi-year strategy, the Cyber Security Council (CSR) publishes a biennial work programme in which the ...

Annual plan | 01-07-2020

CSR Advisory document 'Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS)' - CSR Advisory document 2020, No. 2

The Cyber ​​Security Council (CSR) believes that there is work to be done to get the cyber resilience of Industrial Automation & ...

Advisory document | 24-04-2020

CSR Annual Report 2019

In the CSR annual report you can read all about the main activities of the Cyber ​​Security Council (CSR) in 2019.

Annual report | 01-04-2020

CSR Declaration of Urgency

The digital security of our citizens, companies and society is far from self-evident. The threat of digital disruption requires ...

Advisory document | 31-03-2020

CSR Advisory document ‘Making data breach notifications available for research purposes’ - CSR Advisory document 2020, No. 1

The obligation to report data breaches generates a substantial quantity of data in connection with security incidents involving ...

Advisory document | 11-02-2020

CSR Advisory document ‘Towards a secure eID system’ – CSR Advisory document 2019, No. 1

The Cyber ​​Security Council (CSR) calls on the government to better protect citizens and businesses by making secure login means ...

Advisory document | 07-11-2019