Cookies are small files that are placed on a visitor's equipment by the provider of a website. This website also uses cookies. Below you can read which cookies are used. is part of the Platform Rijksoverheid Online, more information about the cookies that are placed and for what purpose can be found in the cookie statement on

Cookies for web statistics and research uses cookies for research and web statistics to understand how visitors use the website. This information helps improve the site. For example, by supplementing information or by improving user-friendliness. Using these types of cookies has little or no impact on your privacy. Cookies for research and web statistics therefore fall under the exception of the cookie provision in the Telecommunications Act. As a result, we do not ask for permission to place these cookies.

Web statistics

The site uses the open source web analysis package Piwik to analyse the web statistics. To this end, collects IP addresses of visitors, just like any website. These are stored in so-called log files. The log files are stored on the web server for 5 days so that they are available for the web statistics program Piwik. After that, the log files are kept for 90 days for security reasons only and are only viewed for that purpose. This makes the website even better tailored to visitors. We do not use the collected data for any purpose other than improving the website.

No tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that can follow visitors as they surf other websites. does not use tracking cookies. The website therefore does not support the DoNotTrack setting in browsers. is in compliance with Dutch laws and regulations.