About CSR

About CSR

The Cyber Security Council (CSR) is a national, independent advisory body of the Dutch government and the business community (through the government) composed of high-ranking representatives from public and private sector organisations and the scientific community. The CSR undertakes efforts at strategic level to bolster cybersecurity in the Netherlands.

Balanced composition

The composition of the CSR is linked to the objectives set out in its work programme. The council hopes to establish for the widest possible coverage of the different aspects of the cybersecurity field. The council therefore has 18 members based on the 7-7-4 allocation key: seven members from the private sector, seven members from the public sector and four from the scientific community. The CSR has two co-chairs: one on behalf of the public sector and one on behalf of the private sector. The members represent a relevant organisation or sector in the cybersecurity domain and are appointed according to an adopted procedure.

The CSR's unique balanced composition (representatives from the public, private and scientific sectors) enables the council to approach priorities, constraints and opportunities from different angles. The council's critical scrutiny as an independent body keeps the Dutch cybersecurity strategy focused and consequently makes a significant contribution to a safe, open and prosperous society. The broad composition of the CSR lends credence to the opinions of the CSR.

Clear terms of reference

The council has three tasks that contribute to achieving its mission:

  1. Providing solicited and unsolicited strategic advice on cybersecurity to the Dutch government and the business community (through the government).
  2. Monitoring trends and new technological developments and, where necessary, translating these into potential measures to reduce the cybersecurity risks and to increase the economic opportunities.
  3. Initiating and/or accelerating relevant initiatives in the Netherlands and in the European Union that demonstrably contribute to raising the level of cybersecurity in the Netherlands.

In addition, the members hold personal discussions at boardroom level in order to get cybersecurity on the agenda at strategic level.


The CSR delivers various types of products. The council draws up advisory documents and guides, individual members conduct boardroom meetings with organisations and businesses, the council commissions researchers to carry out research projects and initiates various activities, such as the Cyber Security debate, the CSR and iGovernance Symposium, a mini seminar on the Internet of Things and the National Cyber Security Summer School in 2017.