Cybersecurity Guide for Boardroom members

A sound approach to cybersecurity affects all aspects of your organisation: at the top (organisational structure) and across its breadth (service). It therefore presents a pre-eminent strategic challenge for the boardroom. Your IT department does of course also play an important role, but you are the person who sets the parameters at strategic level for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of your organisation’s cybersecurity policy. This is not a one-off matter, but a continuous process. This guide will help you to gain an insight into how you can put cybersecurity in place in your organisation.

In line with this guide, the board edition of the guideline 'Reporting Cyber Risk to Boards' (Freddy Dezeure, George Webster and Lokke Moerel) is also available, including an edition for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Ten Key Insights for Informed Cyber Oversight (